Message from the founder

From the very beginning of my career I have been working directly for several brilliant pioneers in many key-domains: energy, shipping, offshore oil & gas, waste, water, aquaculture. They gave me the opportunity to acquire a robust project experience, hands-on, worldwide and in various domains. This allowed me as well to innovate many times from concept to construction and successful operation of large installations and systems.

The most relevant innovations, both for EXMAR, are:

  • 1990: designing from scratch the very first offshore aquaculture plant, operating at 2 miles from Monaco;
  • 2006: concept of the LNG Ship-to-Ship transfer system,  a game changer nowadays the global industry. standard.

I started with the development of the current concepts back in 2008 with PROPELWIND,  , our exciting and disruptive flagship project. Each concept is meant to contribute efficiently in solving an important planet-issue in line with the UNO Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s). The future concepts are all based as well on my hands-on, broad experience; the principles, markets and main data of these future concepts are basically defined.

All the prospects are encouraging thanks to the raising public climate awareness, but the real progress is slow because of COVID, economic uncertainty, insufficient concept development .. In addition, working alone on the technical items is not a sustainable situation on the mid- and long term.

Therefore, I decided to create this new platform,, putting together a team with seasoned experts from my network, and aiming to add young talents willing and enthusiast to participate in the existing concepts. We want to prove that helping the planet can be exciting and effective – and definitely not a punishment !

Young talents would as well find here a solid, professional structure able to bring their own ideas to reality.

In order to move the concepts forward, I am looking for potential investors who could not only contribute to the financing enabling to move forward but could also provide expertise.

Developing several concepts in parallel allows to spread the risk by reducing the impact of the failure of one particular concept, an inherent risk when innovating.  In addition, it maximizes the efficiency of the Team: innovation of a particular concept is not a continuous process; each concept development is frequently interrupted by waiting periods of time: reply from subsidy applications, results from external studies, feedback from partners … would allow me to gradually transfer to the next generation my know-how, ideas, project experience and optimism.



September 2021