The concept is ready for basic engineering. A comprehensive cost estimate for a unit designed for 500,000 people provides a price range of 1.3 to 1.7 $/m3 of potable water, suitable for niche markets. Potential key partners / investors have been identified.  

Potable water production on a barge

Water scarcity affects already hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and this situation will deteriorate with the global population growth and the effects of climate change.  has developed the concept of a barge fitted with a seawater desalination plant, to be moored in coastal areas and energized by an on-board power plant fueled with liquid gas and supplemented by solar panels and wind turbines if available in the area.
The plant and the barge are designed to be built in series on shipyards; the distance from shore ensures naturally a better quality of seawater input than when desalination plants are located onshore.