Green fuel connector

The shipping industry is working hard to replace oil-based fuels by cleaner products in order to decarbonize industry and comply with zero-emission targets.

Several products are on the table:

  • ammonia
  • hydrogen, compressed or liquid
  • methanol
  • bio-LNG

These products feature a specific risk profile, but for all of them, one of the most dangerous operations is the bunkering (re-filling) where the cargo vessel must be safely connected to- and disconnected from a fuel supply vessel (bunker vessel).

These connection and disconnection operations must be carried out by trained people and involve delicate components, to be handled with strict precautions in order to avoid any gas or liquid leak. has developed a concept allowing to have all connection, draining and disconnection operations carried out exclusively by the crew of the bunker vessel from a mobile platform fitted on the bunker vessel.

Status: is teaming up with a reputable and creative company to engineer, build and sell the device to the bunkering industry.