Wind propulsion for cargo ships is developing a range of wind propelled fast, zero-emission vessels with a standard chassis easily adaptable for different types of cargo’s (containers, light bulk, cars, cement, exploration cruise, liquid hydrogen,..) , and suitable for fabrication in large series. The concept, named PROPELWIND,  is based on a unique combination of in-house, extended shipbuilding expertise, the state-of-the-art technology from ocean sail racing and hydrogen technology already in operation for marine applications.

Reducing the global fleet emissions by 50% before 2050 is a top – priority nowadays for the shipping industry, with many possible solutions being proposed, all at very high costs and with very serious concerns about the ability and price.

PROPELWIND carried out in-depth performance studies since 2008, and got presently a robust technical base (including 5 patents), ready to launch the next, industrial phase.
Basic engineering of a catamaran version has been carried out in 2011 – 2012.

The development of monohull version is well advancedSeveral large cargo owners have confirmed interest, a first set of 250 TEU vessels are expected to be launched by mid-2026.

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