LNG Tandem Offloading

LNG is produced nowadays offshore almost exclusively by FLNG’s (floating natural gas liquefaction plants) in areas with very mild wave conditions, allowing to offload the production into shuttle LNG carriers in the traditional side-by-side ship-to-ship (STS) configuration.

However, the tandem configuration – with the bow of the oil shuttle tanker moored to the stern of the FPSO – has been proven in harsh conditions with oil since decades. Several designs have been proposed for LNG by the industry but never built for technical reasons (too complicated, too big, high risks with the hose …).

Based on the same rationale as for the development of the hose side-by-side STS system using hoses, as carried our by the founder back in 2005 for EXMAR and presently the undisputed industry standard, planette.be proposes now an innovative LNG tandem offloading system. It is cost effective, safe to operate and much less intrusive for both the FLNG and the shuttle LNG carrier. It can be used as well for offshore FSU’s.

Its operation window would broaden the range of locations suitable for FLNG implementation to other than mild conditions.