Fish re-stocking mobile plant

The oceans population of wild fish is shrinking rapidly due to over-fishing, growing demand of proteins worldwide and the lack of enforceable global rules for the fisheries. Climate change just makes the situation worse.

The concept produces fish juveniles of specific types on re-used jack-up platforms fitted with an aquaculture plant and temporarily located in a depleted area. The juveniles are released on location after they reached a sufficient size for a survival probability about 100,000 times higher than with the natural process from egg to commercial size. The process is maintained on a specific location until the normal fish stock building pattern is restored.

This process helps to re-populate quickly the oceans with commercial wild fishes, to the economical and social benefit of the fisheries. It can also be used to produce efficiently the low-priced wild fishes required to feed the aquaculture industry.

The concept is based on the very first offshore fish-farm designed by the founder in 1989, in operation until 1996 but vastly simplified. The solution has been developed technically with aquaculture and offshore experts, and is ready for basic engineering. Discussions have started with national authorities for re-stocking their fisheries with depleted fish such as cod, halibut,…