Multifunction Energy Atoll

The world requires in the near future new, carbon-free energy sources.

The two booming and necessary renewable sources (wind, solar) both are intermittent and slow to deploy. So other solutions are required massively and as soon as possible. However, the following solutions are diffictult to get public acceptantce (and permitting) because of their specific high risk profile:

  • nuclear power plants, classic PWR’s to start soon, fast neutron SMR’s when proven and available (+ 15 years);
  • ammonia storage in large quantities, the cheap hydrogen carrier notably as fuel for large vessels;
  • hydrogen production and liquefaction.

The « Energy Atoll » is a closed dam near shore – but at a safe distance, hosting large floating barges with above solution-plants installed on it.

This configuration offers the following main advantages:

  • efficient plant construction on a large shipyard; fast, on budget;
  • floating (1): design not affected by site specific earthquake so series production is possible;
  • floation (2): location not affected by sea level rise;
  • for the nuclear power plant: a dedicate heat sink in case of worst accident; pollutants not spread outside atoll;
  • offshore but not exposed to waves and maritime collision risk;
  • potable water production barge easy to accommodate

Through his unique combination of experiences in nuclear power, ammonia storage on ships, barge mounted plant and dealing with large Korean shipyards, the founder is ideally positioned to initiate the practical development of this energy atoll concept.